A new type of solicitor on the Central Coast

Bilson Law brings courage, compassion and connection to family law and estate planning. With a strong focus on guiding and supporting clients through some of the most difficult times in their lives, the Bilson Law team are committed to finding the best possible resolution – every time.

Solicitor - Jacqui Bilson - Bilson Law

Meet our principal solicitor - Jacqui Bilson

A single parent of three beautiful kids, Jacqui is passionate about achieving the best possible outcomes for her clients. Guided by compassion, courage and connection, Jacqui doesn’t only provide legal advice; she also helps her clients refocus and embrace the future.

Background: Jacqui studied and worked extensively in counselling and psychology for more than 17 years before moving into law.

Experience: Jacqui has represented clients in negotiation, mediation and Court (including Federal Circuit Court and Family Court) in Sydney, Parramatta and Newcastle. 

Specialties: Jacqui is experienced in complex matters including high risk, family violence cases and Magellan Protocol matters (the most serious cases heard in the Family Court).

Expertise: Jacqui harnesses her psychology knowledge and expert communication skills to achieve positive results through negotiation and mediation.

A garden lover who is unable to function without coffee, Jacqui loves our community, and takes pride ensuring charity is at the heart of everything we do.

Meet our Graduate Solicitor - Krystal Johnson

Krystal completed her Bachelor of Laws with Honours five years ago. She also has a Bachelor of Business degree.

Krystal has worked for the University of Newcastle facilitating foundational law classes and has experience working in Domestic Violence Court matters and at the Community Legal Centre.

Krystal is a mum of three beautiful children and is passionate about helping clients keep focused to achieve long term goals.

Krystal has been a driver in the promotion of client education material at Bilson Law. She is the queen of service networking, she strives to empower clients through knowledge and access to resources.

Solicitor - Krystal Johnson
Solicitor - Jacqui Bilson - Bilson Law

Meet our Receptionist - Tash

Tash’s empathy and understanding makes her the best point of contact for our clients. She will arrange and confirm meetings, mediations, and Court dates.

Tash has incredible attention to detail which makes her an asset to Bilson Law.

Tash is a mum to her beautiful daughter and married to her high school sweetheart.

Our Values


We work hard to find creative ways to help you achieve your goals


We listen and collaborate with you to identify the best way forward


We understand the toll that legal processes can take on you and your family


We connect you with other services to ensure the best possible result


We focus on negotiation, mediation and conciliation to resolve matters

Our approach

Family and estate law are often painful experiences for families. Instead of focusing on the source of conflict, we approach the process as an opportunity to help you heal, discover a new path forward and build skills for life. 

Throughout the legal process, we harness our social science and psychology skills to listen to you and empower you with knowledge and confidence. 

Our goal is to not only help you achieve a positive legal outcome, we also want to set you on the path towards a new life for you and your family.

Looking for an experienced Central Coast solicitor?

Bilson Law offers trusted legal advice, together with courage, compassion and connection. Book your free discovery call to discuss your family law or estate law matter with our knowledgeable and experienced team.