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Whether you’re contemplating divorce, planning for the future, or facing the prospect of a property settlement, Bilson Law is here to help. Fully qualified and experienced in family and estate law, our services are designed to support, empower and help you achieve a positive outcome.

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Property Settlement

Settling property after separation can be a daunting process, so it’s crucial to obtain legal advice to discuss your options. Property settlements can be resolved by negotiation, mediation and/or applying to the court for a determination. We can help with interim property settlements (who stays in the house or who pays the mortgage while the matter is ongoing), as well as determining the final settlement outcome. Our goal is to assist you to move through the property settlement process with minimal delay and cost.


Parenting Arrangements

Negotiating parenting arrangements for your children is a stressful and emotional experience. That’s why you need the right support on your side. Every family is different, and this area of law is highly discretionary, making it hard to navigate parenting arrangements on your own. We have the experience and knowledge to help you navigate high-conflict situations and complex arrangements to achieve the right outcome for you and your family. Taking a child-focused approach, we will advise you on the key considerations for your situation.



There are several hurdles to overcome when seeking a divorce. While you don’t need a lawyer to commence the process, it’s best to seek legal advice to ensure your assets are protected. We can guide you through the entire process, providing advice on eligibility, time limits, how to make an application and relevant parenting and property considerations. To secure the best possible future for your family, working with an experienced divorce lawyer is a must – especially one who has been there and understands what you’re going through.


Wills & Probate

While it’s possible to use a Will Kit to make your will, seeking professional legal advice is always best. An estate lawyer can support the validity of your will should it be contested later. They can also advise you on who can make a claim on your estate and what assets can and cannot be included. Our estate planning services safely guide you through potential legal minefields, securing your estate and giving you peace of mind. We can also provide advice if you are an Executor of an estate or considering contesting a will.

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