Parenting Dispute Resolution Central Coast

Our goal is to support you so that you can establish a parenting arrangement to ensure that you and your children are safe and your children’s wellbeing is prioritised.

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Parenting Dispute Resolution Central Coast

How to arrange legal advice for your parenting dispute:

Phone or Email

Contact us if you have any questions. We’re here for you.

Initial Consultation

At your initial consult, we advise you on the best next step for your parenting dispute.

Full advice guidance

Be fully informed, supported & empowered through the process.

Your advocate

No matter what you are going through, we advocate for your rights.

Finalise your matter

Lastly, we ensure that your parenting plan or parenting Court Orders have been formally completed.

Parenting Dispute Resolution Central Coast in a Nutshell

Parenting disputes can be resolved in several different ways.

The most appropriate resolution will depend on the circumstances of your case.


Involves both parties doing an intake procedure.
We assist you behind the scenes with advice and support; we also provide you with a draft parenting agreement in MS Word version based on your requirements.


This is a mediation process that involves one or both parties having a lawyer with them at the mediation.

There are a range of different mediators with varying levels of skills, qualifications and/or experience.

We will assist you to identify the most appropriate mediation service for your circumstances.


In some cases, we can assist in resolving a dispute by way of negotiation.
We can negotiate in writing and by practitioner conference.
We take every opportunity to avoid your matter going to Court.


If agreement is not possible, we can assist you with your Court Application and to represent you in Court.
Once your matter is in Court, we take every opportunity to work toward a resolution of the matter.

Our fees for Property Settlement Lawyer Central Coast

It is essential that you are informed accurately with respect to your legal fees. We charge on an hourly basis. The reason for this is to enable us to charge you only for the work that we undertake on your case. How much work we do for you is up to you.

Summary of Costs

  • Initial consultation:   $340 + GST
  • Amicable settlement estimate:   $5,000
  • Amicable settlement with mediation:   $10,000
  • High-conflict settlement negotiations and mediation:   >$10,000
  • High-conflict settlement Court litigation:   >$30,000
  • High-conflict settlement Court litigation with finalisation by Court hearing:   >$100,000

Fees To Be Aware Of:

  • Court fees
  • Mediator fees
  • Expert fees
    • preparation of property or business valuation
    • attend Court as an expert witness
  • Barrister fees

Ways to reduce your legal fees:

1. Complete a Parents not Partners or Parenting After Separation

2. Proactively resolve any risks alleged. For example, if concerns have been raised that you use drugs, take immediate action to cease using drugs and complete drug testing to evidence your current usage. A head-in-the-sand approach will be detrimental to your case.

3. Seek the most reasonable and sensible outcome. Unrealistic aspirations will certainly protract your matter. In the event of a dispute, seek the advice of a child expert. Expert advice can be sought without the need to go to Court.

4. Seek psychological support and guidance on how to approach separation. Learn how to communicate with the other party. A lack of ability to communicate is a common theme in high-conflict matters.

5. Limit issues. Some issues are not worth pursuing and will have no impact on the resolution of your dispute.

6. Obtain advice from a lawyer who is committed to the timely resolution of your matter.

Our Commitment To You

We are committed to ensure that your parenting dispute is resolved with the implementation of the following value statement:

1. A comprehensive Parenting agreement/Court Orders

Creating a comprehensive parenting resolution is essential in ensuring that your children’s best interests are served during this challenging transition. Our team of experienced and empathetic legal professionals here at Bilson Law will guide you through the process of creating a fair and balanced parenting resolution. We take a person-centred approach providing for yours and your children’s best interests.

2. Addressing Potential Disputes

We are highly skilled at addressing potential disputes and conflicts in a neutral manner, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process for everyone involved. No matter if you’re navigating this terrain for the first time or revising a current agreement, our priority is always advocating for the rights and best interests of both you and your children.

3. Excellent Legal Advice

No matter how amicable your separation may be, the reality of co-parenting can often be a challenging and complex undertaking. It is wise to have a solid legal team to provide you with advice and guidance to ensure your parenting settlement meets all legal requirements and serves your child’s best interests. With Bilson Law, you can rest assured that your parenting settlement will be crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

4. Create a Parenting settlement that brings peace of mind

We understand that creating a parenting settlement can be a difficult and overwhelming process. We provide with a wealth of experience and creativity to establish a plan that works for your family and your unique situation. We can help you set schedules and establish guidelines for communication and resolution of disputes.

5. Structure and Predictability

A well thought out parenting resolution provides structure, predictability, and a measure of security for your children during a time of change and uncertainty. We have the tools to help you develop a parenting plan or parenting Court Orders that brings peace of mind and stability to everyone involved.

If necessary, we will assist you throughout the process of engaging third-party mediation services to ensure that everyone’s best interests are taken into account when creating a parenting plan or parenting Court Orders. We can help you create a plan that provides security and stability for your children during a difficult time. With our help and guidance, you can create a parenting plan or parenting Court Orders that bring peace of mind to everyone involved.

6. Finding a place to unite in the storm

Dig a little under the surface of any parental dispute and no matter how extreme the dispute, parents will stand united where it matters, they both want the best for their children, and they both want the children to be healthy, educated etc.
Parents often speak of their goals in the above undefined and unclear manner thus rendering the goals of no use as an anchor point when disputes do arise. Taking the time to develop parenting goals and express those to each other is a uniting process.

At Bilson Law, we urge any person involved in a family law dispute currently to take the time to check in with your goals for the child. Share these with the other party. Make space to unite.

Once a conflict does arise, negotiations and/or mediation need not be focused on the conflict, mediation can be focused on goal development from a strength-focused perspective. This is a strength-focused model of conflict resolution.

A family law conflict resolution that is strengths-based and focused on goal development will be sustainable long-term conflict resolution. Our goal is to promote happier and healthier parents with happier healthier children.

We work with clients to develop strengths-based goals because our core value at Bilson Law is that separated families can be strong families.

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