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The property settlement process

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Property settlement in a nutshell


Identify the asset pool


a. Provide your mandatory disclosure to the other party.

b. Obtain valuations for property, business or other assets if the other party does not agree with the value you propose.

c. Prepare a Balance Sheet and provide the Balance Sheet to the other party.




a.  Assess both your and the other party’s contributions-based considerations such as inheritance, compensation payouts, assets acquired prior to the relationship etc. If disputed, gather evidence to support your position.

b.  Assess both your and the other party’s future-needs-based considerations such as child-rearing responsibility, ill health, income earning disparity etc. If disputed, gather evidence to support your position.

c.  Any other considerations? If disputed, gather evidence to support your position.

d.  If no agreement, mediation will be arranged. Failing agreement following mediation, a Court Application can be lodged with the Court.


Formalising the agreement


a. Complete the Application for Consent Orders form along with a Minute of Order.

b. File the Application with the Court.

c. Answer any Court requisitions.

d. Complete and finalise your matter.

Our fees for Property Settlement Lawyer Central Coast

It is essential that you are informed accurately with respect to your legal fees. We charge on an hourly basis. The reason for this is to enable us to charge you only for the work that we undertake on your case. How much work we do for you is up to you.

Summary of Costs

  • Initial consultation:   $340 + GST
  • Amicable settlement estimate:   $5,000
  • Amicable settlement with mediation:   $10,000
  • High-conflict settlement negotiations and mediation:   >$10,000
  • High-conflict settlement Court litigation:   >$30,000
  • High-conflict settlement Court litigation with finalisation by Court hearing:   >$100,000

Fees To Be Aware Of:

  • Court fees
  • Mediator fees
  • Expert fees
    • preparation of property or business valuation
    • attend Court as an expert witness
  • Barrister fees

Ways to reduce your legal fees:

1. Seek the most reasonable and sensible outcome. Unrealistic aspirations will certainly protract your matter.

2. Seek psychological support and guidance on how to approach separation. Learn how to communicate with the other party. A lack of ability to communicate is a common theme in high conflict matters.

3. Limit issues. Some issues are not worth pursuing and will have no impact on the resolution of your dispute.

4. Obtain advice from a lawyer who is committed to the timely resolution of your matter.

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