Coasties Family Calendar 2024


We know you are busy with Life! We get it! All the important dates for families with children at school in one place!

We have collated the important dates like: school holidays, term dates, public holidays, book week, fundraiser days.

This calendar is designed especially for New South Wales! If you do not live in NSW, let us know you are interested and we will add your State or Territory to our options for 2025.

The Calendar is made with love by the Bilson Law team, Jacqui, Cheyenne and Chloe.



The Coasties Family Calendar for parents of school aged children on the Central Coast!

Our Parenting Calendar is your trusted companion for navigating the school year. This calendar contains school holidays for your state, pupil free days and important dates marked out.

This calendar includes: The Central Coast Regional Show; The Central Coast Air Show; Harvest Festival; Glenworth Valley Egg Hunt; and,…so much more!

With the Coasties Parenting Calendar, you can bring order to the chaos of family life and create lasting memories together.

Order your Parenting Calendar today and experience the joy of organised parenting! Say goodbye to missed appointments, and hello to more quality time with your loved ones. Parenthood just got a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.


Are you separated?

You may prefer our personalised co-parenting calendar.

Discover the power of organization in co-parenting! Our Family Law Co-Parenting Calendar provides a tailored approach to scheduling and managing shared care arrangements, maximizing quality time with your children and minimizing the stress of coordination.

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